No. 2002/062
Geneva, 15 November 2002

Notification to the Parties



Falcon passport


In Notification to the Parties No. 2002/049 of 9 August 2002, the Secretariat advised the Parties that the United Arab Emirates had introduced a registration scheme for the keepers and owners of birds of prey. In conjunction with this scheme, the CITES Management Authorities of the United Arab Emirates have produced a certificate in the form of a passport that may be issued to the keepers and owners of legally-acquired falcons who wish to move them frequently across international borders. The majority of such movements of falcons with this document will be for hunting purposes. One falcon passport will be issued for each bird for which the movement is to be authorized.


The falcon passport will be issued only for specimens that are considered as personal effects and subject to the exemption in Article VII, paragraph 3, of the Convention. It is intended to serve as a certificate of ownership in accordance with Resolution Conf. 10.20 (Frequent cross-border movements of personally owned live animals). The United Arab Emirates is communicating with the Management Authorities of expected countries of destination regarding the acceptance of the falcon passport. The Secretariat believes that the passport is in conformity with the Resolution.


It is intended that, as recommended in Resolution Conf. 10.20, the passport remain with the specimen but that it be endorsed by the appropriate border control officer who should validate it with an ink stamp, signature and date to show the history of movement from State to State.


An example of the falcon passport is being distributed with this Notification.