No. 2001/065
Geneva, 1 October 2001

Notification to the Parties



Illicit trade in caviar

1. The Secretariat has recently become aware of a number of export permits, apparently issued by the Sturgeon Management Authority of the Russian Federation, that have been found to be false. The permits appear to be excellent forgeries and some have been based on genuine permits issued for trade in live specimens for aquaculture purposes. The permits bear security stamps but it is not yet known whether these are also forgeries or whether they have been removed from genuine permits and then used fraudulently.

2. To help combat illicit trade, the Sturgeon Management Authority of the Russian Federation requests all Parties to contact it to seek confirmation of the validity of any export permit or re-export certificate presented for the import of caviar.

3. The Secretariat requests that it be advised of any further incidents of illicit trade in caviar detected by any Party.