Notification to the Parties

No. 1998/27 Geneva, 30 June 1998


Designation of Management Authorities and Scientific Authorities

1. The attention of Parties is drawn to Article IX of the Convention and the requirement in paragraph 1 that each Party shall designate one or more Management Authorities and one or more Scientific Authorities.

2. In accordance with Article VI of the Convention, permits and certificates may only be issued by Management Authorities. In accordance with Articles III and IV, the issuance of import and export permits requires the provision of advice from Scientific Authorities.

3. The Secretariat has recently reviewed the information in its records regarding Parties to the Convention and has identified three Parties that have still to provide information on their designated Management Authority and Scientific Authority. A further 10 Parties have not informed the Secretariat of their Scientific Authority.

4. The Secretariat wishes to remind Parties that permits or certificates issued by Parties that have failed to designate a Management Authority or Scientific Authority are issued contrary to the provisions of the Convention and must be considered as invalid.