Sao Tomé-et-Principe

Recommandation de suspension de commerce

Scope Compliance matter Link to notification Valid from
suspension de transactions à des fins commerciales Législation nationale
suspension de tout commerce Rapports annuels

Statut de la législation nationale

Catégorie Progress summary Next steps Dernière mise à jour

Commitment to prepare draft legislation; no recent information on status. Second formal warning at SC71. Subject to a recommendation to suspend trade from May 2022. Proposal for meeting to discuss development of CITES legislation sent 29 Nov. 2023. Request for update sent 18 Feb. 2024. Meeting held on 21 Feb. 2024 to discuss legislation, annual reports, and capacity-building. 

Preparation of draft legislation; drafting assistance needed.

Oct. 2016


Date of issue Status Information Fichiers


2022/038 - SAO TOMÉ-ET-PRINCIPE – Recommandation de suspension du commerce: Législation nationale


2022/034 - SAO-TOME-ET-PRINCIPE – Recommandation de suspension de commerce pour non-soumission de rapports annuels

Rapports annuels