CITES and Medicinal Plants

Mandates and guidance

Resolutions and Decisions

Conf. 3.4*                       Technical cooperation
Conf. 5.10 (Rev. CoP15)  Definition of 'primarily commercial purposes'
Conf. 9.5 (Rev. CoP16)    Trade with States not party to the Convention
Conf. 9.6 (Rev. CoP16)    Trade in readily recognizable parts and derivatives
Conf. 9.7 (Rev. CoP15)    Transit and transhipment
Conf. 9.9*                       Confiscation of specimens exported or re-exported
                                       in violation of the Convention
Conf. 9.10 (Rev. CoP15)  Disposal of confiscated and accumulated specimens
Conf. 9.19 (Rev. CoP15)  Registration of nurseries that artificially propagate specimens of Appendix-I plant species for export purposes
Conf. 10.4 (Rev. CoP14)  Cooperation and synergy with the Convention on Biological Diversity
Conf. 10.19 (Rev. CoP14) Traditional medicines
Conf. 10.21 (Rev. CoP16) Transport of live specimens
Conf. 11.3 (Rev. CoP16)   Compliance and enforcement
Conf. 11.11 (Rev. CoP15)  Regulation of trade in plants
Conf. 11.19 (Rev. CoP16)  Identification Manual

Conf. 11.21 (Rev. CoP16)  Use of annotations in Appendices I and II
Conf. 12.11 (Rev. CoP16)  Standard nomenclature
Conf. 13.2 (Rev. CoP14)    Sustainable use of biodiversity: Addis Ababa Principles
                                         and Guidelines
Conf. 13.7 (Rev. CoP16)   Control of trade in personal and household effects
Conf. 13.9                       Encouraging cooperation between Parties with ex situ breeding operations and those with in situ conservation programmes
Conf. 13.10 (Rev. CoP14)  Trade in alien invasive species
Conf. 14.3                        CITES compliance procedures
Conf. 14.6 (Rev. CoP16)    Introduction from the sea
Conf. 14.7 (Rev. CoP15) Management of nationally established export quotas
Conf. 15.2                      Wildlife trade policy reviews
Conf. 16.4                      Cooperation of CITES with other biodiversity-related conventions
Conf. 16.5                      Cooperation with the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
                                      of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Conf. 16.6                      CITES and livelihoods


Development of medicinal plant species web page was funded by SECO as a part of UNCTAD studies on CITES listed medicinal plant species.