CITES Workshop on Transport of Live Specimens Online

Meeting date
21 mars 2024
Online closed meeting

Date and Time
The CITES workshop on transport of live specimens will be held online on Thursday 21 March 2024 from 13.00-15.00 and 16.00-18.00 CET. 
The objective of the workshop is to share best practices related to live animal and plant transport and to further the effective use by Parties of the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR), IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR), as well as the CITES Guidelines for the Non-Air Transport of Live Wild Animals and Plants.
Target audience
Management Authorities, enforcement focal points, importers, exporters, representatives of non-governmental organizations and transporters are invited to participate in this workshop. 
The workshop will be convened on the Interactio online platform. Link to join the platform and a user guide will be made available to all registered participants in due course. 
Simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish will be available. The workshop will be recorded and made available on the CITES YouTube channel. 

Workshop Agenda

English French Spanish


  • Understanding and complying with IATA LAR and IATA PCR - Gabriella Tamasi, Live Animals and Perishables Board, IATA Presentation
  • CITES Guidelines for the Non-Air Transport of Live Wild Animals and Plants - Andreas Kaufmann, GO WILD. Presentation
  • Understanding the process for amending and revising the current methods in IATA LAR - Sonia Ben Hamida, IATA Secretariat. Presentation
  • Understanding the principles of live animal container design and the guidelines for evaluating the number of animals that can be transported together - Frank Kohn, United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Presentation
  • Carmen Medina, Ministry of Environment, Panama. Presentation
  • Reception and contingency planning at entry points - Tristan Bradfield, Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, United Kingdom. Presentation
  • Husbandry, veterinary and disposition provisions for confiscated wildlife (Detections) - Susie Pritchard, Animal Health and Welfare, United Kingdom. Presentation
  • Petrina Teo, National Park Board, Singapore. Presentation
  • Seizure and confiscation CITES Res. Conf. 17.8 (Rev. CoP19) - Thomas Deleuil, CITES Secretariat. Presentation
  • Handling dead specimens: immediate triage in the case of sick or injured live specimens - Laura Diprizio, United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Presentation
  • Temporary holding of wildlife before and/or after transport - Loïs Lelanchon, International Fund for Animal Welfare. Presentation
  • Mercy Koomson, Forestry Commission, Ghana. Presentation
  • Biosecurity - Kevin Torregrosa, Wildlife Conservation Society. Presentation
  • Recognizing high welfare-risk detentions - Leopoldo Stuardo, World Organization for Animal Health. Presentation
  • Welfare and stocking density - Basil Von Ah, Zoo Zürich, Switzerland. Presentation
  • Transport of flora - Carly Cowell, Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Presentation
  • Accessibility of the IATA LAR and IATA PCR - Tahir Hasnain, IATA Secretariat. Presentation

Registration (closed)
Interested participants are invited to register online by 20 February 2024 using the following link: Participation of women representatives is encouraged.

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