Onzième session du Comité pour les plantes

Langkawi (Malaysia), 3 - 7 September 2001




Questions on the agenda

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Opening of the session

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Adoption of the rules of procedure

PC11 Doc. 2


A, E, F


Adoption of the agenda and program of work

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3.1 Agenda

PC11 Doc. 3.1


A, E, F


3.2 Work program

PC11 Doc. 3.2     

Admission of observers

PC11 Doc. 4




Regional reports and reports on regional meetings


5.1 Africa

PC11 Doc. 5.1


5.2 Asia

PC11 Doc. 5.2a    AT

5.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean

PC11 Doc. 5.3


5.4 Europe

PC11 Doc. 5.4


5.5 North America

PC11 Doc. 5.5


A, E, F


5.6 Oceania

PC11 Doc. 5.6


Regional Directories [Resolution Conf. 11.1, Annex 2, paragraph e)


6.1 Africa


6.2 Asia


6.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean


6.4 Europe


6.5 North America


6.6 Oceania


Revision of Resolution Conf. 9.24


7.1 Meeting with the Presidents in Geneva

No document


7.2 Second Meeting of the Criteria Working Group

No document


7.3 Report on the meeting of the Standing Committee (plant issues)

PC11 Doc. 7.3 


A, E, F


Follow-up of CoP11 decisions


8.1  Harpagophytum  spp.

PC11 Doc. 8.1


A, E, F


8.2  Guaiacum sanctum

PC11 Doc. 8.2




8.3  Aquilaria  spp.

PC11 Doc. 8.3


A, E, F


8.4 Mahogany Working Group

No document


Technical proposals to be submitted to CoP12


9.1 Technical Sampling of  Galanthus  in Georgia

PC11 Doc. 9.1a

PC11 Doc. 9.1b


A, E, F
A, E, F


9.2 Decision 11.155

PC11 Doc. 9.2


A, E, F


9.3 Standard derogations for plant species of Appendix II

PC11 Doc. 9.3


A, E, F


9.4 Definitions of technical terms used in annotations

PC11 Doc. 9.4


A, E, F


9.5 Derogation granted for seedlings in flasks

PC11 Doc. 9.5


A, E, F


9.6 Exchange of scientific herbarium specimens of certain plant taxa included in Appendix II

PC11 Doc. 9.6


A, E, F


Species proposals to be submitted to CoP12


10.1 Deletion of Appendices of Leaf Cacti (Pereskioid and Opuntioid)

No document


10.1.1 Draft proposal submitted by Switzerland

PC11 Doc. 10.1.1


A, E, F


10.1.2 Comments by Mexico on document PC11 Doc. 10.1.1

PC11 Doc. 10.1.2


A, E, F


Important trade in plants


11.1 Problems with Resolution Conf. 9.8 (Rev.) and Decision 11.117

PC11 Doc. 11.1 


A, E, F


11.2 Application of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.) (see decision 1.117)


11.2.1 Trade in Madagascar plants

PC11 Doc. 11.2.1


A, E, F


11.2.2 Cycadales

PC11 Doc. 11.2.2


A, E, F


11.2.3 Selection of taxa to examine

PC11 Doc. 11.2.3


A, E, F


Medicinal plants


12.1 Trade in  Prunus africana


12.2 Future possible activities


13. Review of the Appendices


13.1 Revision of Orchidaceae spp.

PC11 Doc. 13.1


A, E, F


13.2 Cactaceae listed in Appendix I

PC11 Doc. 13.2 


A, E,


13.3 Tree species (decision 11.116)

PC11 Doc. 13.3


A, E, F


Lists and nomenclature


14.1 Activity report

PC11 Doc. 14.1


A, E, F


14.2 Questions transmitted to the Nomenclature Committee

PC11 Doc. 14.2


A, E, F


14.3  Masdevallia

No document


14.4  Bulbophyllum

No document


14.5 Nomenclature of  Cedrela odorata

PC11 Doc. 14.5


A, E, F


Strategic planning

PC11 Doc. 15


A, E, F


Plant identification materials


16.1 Activity report

PC11 Doc. 16.1


A, E, F


Guidelines for the transport of living plants

PC11 Doc. 17


A, E, F


Assessment of Tree Species: Activity Report of the Netherlands

PC11 Doc. 18


A, E, F


Matters Arising from the 10  th  session of the Committee, not included elsewhere in the Agenda

PC11 Doc. 19


Training Initiatives


20.1 Standard slide folder: Activity report

No document


Trade in Mexican cactus seeds


21.1 Trade in Cactaceae Seeds listed in Appendix II

PC11 Doc. 21.1


A, E, F


21.2 Sale of cactus by Internet

PC11 Doc. 21.2


A, E, F


Taxus study 

PC11 Doc. 22


A, E, F


Date and arrival of the 12 th  session of the Plants Committee


Other questions


24.1 Relations between ex-situ  breeding establishments  and in situ conservation programs  (Decision 11.102)

PC11 Doc. 24.1 


A, E, F


24.2 Report on the Global Strategy for Plants (CBD)

No document




24.3 Annotation to  Cistanche deserticola

PC11 Doc. 24.3


A, E, F


24.4 Illegal trade in  Paphiopedilum  spp.

PC11 Doc. 24.4


A, E, F


24.5 Implementing Convention relating to timber cover by Annex III

PC11 Doc. 24.5


A, E, F




Information documents

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Implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.)
Review of Significant Trade

PC11 Inf. 1    A, E, F

Implementation of Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.)
Introduction to the Review of Significant Trade

PC11 Inf. 2    A, E, F

Control of captive breeding, ranching and wild harvest production systems for Appendix-II species

PC11 Inf. 3
A, E, F

Information on plant species for which

PC11 Inf. 4

Extract federal register (United States of America)

PC11 Inf. 5    AT

Example from WISIA Database

PC11 Inf. 6   AT
Inquiry on Annotations of Medicinal Plants in Appendix II PC11 Inf. 7    F
Illegal trade in  Paphiopedilum  spp. (Agenda item 24.4)
Some recently described taxa in the genus  Paphiopedilum
PC11 Inf. 8    AT
Management of  Prunus africana (Pygeum)  in Cameroon PC11 Inf. 9    F
Development of harvesting quotas for  Prunus africana PC11 Inf. 10    AT
Report by TRAFFIC Oceania on  Aquilaria PC11 Inf. 11    AT
Report of the Animals Committee working group on Alien species PC11 Inf. 12    AT
Report of the Animals Committee Working Group on Resolution Conf. 8.9 (Rev.), (Agenda item 11.1) PC11 Inf. 13    AT