AC20: Rapports des groupes de travail


Vingtième session du Comité pour les animaux

Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud), 29 mars – 2 avril 2004

Rapports des groupes de travail

(tous les documents sont en format PDF et seulement en anglais)

Groupe de travail



Review of significant trade in specimens of Appendix-II species

AC20 WG1 Doc. 1

Relationship between ex situ production and in situ conservation [Decision 11.102 (Rev. CoP12)]

AC20 WG2 Doc. 1
3. Process for registering operations that breed Appendix-I animal species for commercial purposes AC20 WG3 Doc. 1 (Rev.)
4. Transport of live animals AC20 WG4 Doc. 1
5. Trade in hard corals [Resolution Conf. 11.10 (Rev. CoP12) and Decision 12.62 AC20 WG5 Doc. 1
6. Control of captive breeding, ranching and wild harvest productino systems for Appendix-II species AC20 WG6 Doc. 1
7. Conservation of and trade in sea cucumbers in the families Holothuridae and Stichopodidae AC20 WG7 Doc. 1
8. Biological and trade status of sharks AC20 WG8 Doc. 1
9. Improving regional communication and the regional representation AC20 WG9 Doc. 1
10. Conservation of and trade in tortoises and freshwater turtles AC20 WG10 Doc. 1

Review of the criteria for amendment of Appendices I and II

AC20 DG1 Doc. 1 (Rev.1)