MIKE (Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants)

Monitoring of the Illegal Killing of Elephants
Preparatory meeting for implementation in West Africa

Accra, 15-17 December 1999

Annex 1

CITES Meeting on Implementation of MIKE in West Africa

15-17 December 1999
Accra, Ghana

1. Opening (Mr. Nick Ankudey, Director of Wildlife for Ghana)

2. Introduction of participants

3. Introductory comments and discussion of the programme (CITES and IUCN)

4. Presentation and discussion of CITES (Dr. Malan Lindeque)

5. Presentation and discussion of ETIS (Dr. Holly Dublin)

6. Monitoring of the illegal killing of elephants

  • Summary of the development of MIKE (Dr. Holly Dublin)

  • Progress made in the preparation for the implementation of MIKE (Dr. Malan Lindeque)

  • General discussion

7. Objectives and expectations of this meeting

8. A strategy for the conservation of elephants in West Africa (Dr. Richard Barnes)

9. Status of the illegal killing of elephants in the sub-region (all participants)

10. Review of working sessions

11. Session 1: Technical questions

  • Information on the selection of MIKE sites in West Africa
  • Review of data required to measure the factors affecting illegal killing
  • Evaluation of enforcement efforts
  • Population survey techniques (forest and savannah)
  • Questions related to transborder populations
  • Analysis of data at the site level and at the sub-regional level
  • Identification of available technical resources

12. Summary of discussions on technical questions

13. Working session on training needs

  • At the site level
  • At the national level
  • At the sub-regional level

14. Summary of discussions on training needs

15. Working session on political questions

  • Potential governmental contributions - human resources and others
  • Additional financial needs
  • Coordination

16. Summary of discussions on political questions

17. The next stages for MIKE in West Africa

18. Review of the objectives and results expected from the meeting