Sixty-ninth meeting of the Standing Committee - Information Documents

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Sexagésimo novena reunión del Comité Permanente

Ginebra (Suiza), 27 de noviembre - 1 de diciembre de 2017

Information Documents

(all documents provided in PDF format)

Questionnaire on electronic systems and information technologies for CITES management (eCITES) (submitted by the Secretariat)
English only
2. Guidance for inspection of captive breeding and ranching facilities (submitted by the Secretariat)
Orientations pour l'inspection des établissements d'élevage en captivité et d'élevage en ranch (soumis par le Secrétariat)
Guía para la inspección de los establecimientos de cría en cautividad y en granjas (presentado por la Secretaría)
SC69 Inf. 2 32 English
A guide to the application of CITES source codes (submitted by the Secretariat) 
Guide d'application des codes de source CITES (soumis par le Secrétariat) 
Guía para la applicación de códigos de origen de la CITES (presentado por la Secretaría)
SC69 Inf. 3 32 English
Report of the helmeted hornbill conservation strategy and action planning workshop (submitted by Malaysia)
SC69 Inf. 4 61 English only 20/10/2017
Enhancing the detection, investigation and disruption of illicit financial flows from wildlife crime (submitted by the Secretariat and prepared by UNODC)
SC69 Inf. 5 31.1 English only 20/10/2017
CITES tortoises and freshwater turtles task force meeting, Singapore, 25-27 April 2017 (submitted by the Secretariat)
SC69 Inf. 6 64 English only 20/10/2017
Youth Conservation Programme of the Republic of South Africa (submitted by South Africa)
SC69 Inf. 7 23 English only 20/10/2017
Proposal of Russian Federation regarding the amendments to Resolution Conf. 12.7 (Rev. CoP17) on Conservation of and trade in sturgeons and paddlefish- Regarding Annex 3 (submitted by the Russian Federation)
SC69 Inf. 8 (Rev. 1) 46.2 English only 20/10/2017
Legal trade in ivory (submitted by Secretariat and prepared by UN Environment - World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
SC69 Inf. 9 51.1 English only 20/10/2017
Youth engagement (submitted by Canada on behalf of Youth for Wildlife Conservation)
SC69 Inf. 10 23 English only 20/10/2017
Decisions of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity on "Cooperation with other conventions and international organizations" (submitted by the Secretariat) /
Décision adoptée par la Conférence des Parties à la Convention sur la diversité biologique sur la coopération avec d'autres Conventions et organisations internationales (soumis par le Secrétariat)
Decisión adoptada por la Conferencia de las Partes en el Convenio sobre la diversidad biológica sobre la cooperación con otros convenios y organizaciones internacionales  (presentado por la Secretaría)
SC69 Inf. 11 19 English
12. Musical instrument statement (submitted by the United States of America on behalf of representatives of the private sector) SC69 Inf. 12 56 & 69.3 English 01/11/2017
13. Overview of health threats associated with international commercial trade in CITES-listed species (submitted by the United States of America on behalf of Wildlife Conservation Society) SC69 Inf. 13 all English 01/11/2017
14. CITES CoP17 Dalbergia Appendix-II listing and annotation #15 - Comments and recommendations (submitted by the United States of America on behalf of certain representatives of the private sector) SC69 Inf. 14 56 & 69.3 English
15. Rapport de la République démocratique du Congo destiné à la 69ème session du Comité permanent de la CITES (soumis par la République démocratique du Congo) SC69 Inf. 15 29.2.2, 29.4 & 57 French 01/11/2017
16. Report of the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. Programmatic support and other areas of cooperation (submitted by the Secretariat and prepared by UNEP) SC69 Inf. 16 9.3 English 02/11/2017
17. MIKE and ETIS Subgroup of the Standing Committee (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69 Inf. 17 51.1 English 15/11/2017
18. Faciliating the international movement of CITES-listed wildlife specimens for forensic science purposes (submitted by Australia and prepared by Australia, the Society for Wildlife Forensic Science and the Australian Museum Research Institute) SC69 Inf. 18 31.1 English 15/11/2017
19. Responses to Notification to the Parties No. 2017/038 of 15 May 2017 on demand reduction (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69 Inf. 19 15 English 15/11/2017
20. Status of legislative progress for implementing CITES (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69 Inf. 20 27 English 16/11/2017
21. Annotation #15 [submitted by the European Union and prepared by the Confederation of Music Industries (CAFIM) and the Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale (CSFI)] SC69 Inf. 21 69.3 English
22. Response by TRAFFIC and the MIKE-ETIS Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to Singapore's comments on ETIS methodology (submitted by the Secretariat and prepared by TRAFFIC and the MIKE-ETIS Technical Advisory Group) SC69 Inf. 22 29.3 English 17/11/2017
23. Terms of reference of the Standing Committee's Finance and Budget Sub-Committee (submitted by the Secretariat)
Mandat du Sous-Comité des finances et du budget du Comité permanent (soumis par le Secrétariat)
Mandato del SubComité de Finanzas y Presupuesto del Comité Permanente (presentado por la Secretaría)
SC69 Inf. 23 7 English
24. Implementing aspects of Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP17) on the closure of domestic ivory markets - details of 5 major domestic ivory markets (submitted by Burkina Faso and Niger)
Mise en oeuvre d'aspects de la résolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP17) sur la fermeture des marchés intérieurs de l'ivoire - précisions sur 5 grands marchés intérieurs de l'ivoire (soumis par le Bukina Faso et le Niger)
SC69 Inf. 24 51.2 English
25. Global status of Dalbergia and Pterocarpus rosewood producing species in trade (submitted by Guatemala and prepared by Global Eye)
Situation mondiale des espèces Dalbergia et Pterocarpus produisant du bois de rose (soumis par le Guatemala et préparé par Global Eye) - document de synthèse en français
Estado global de las especies productoras de palisandro Dalbergia y Pterocarpus (presentado por Guatemala y preparado por Global Eye) - resumen ejecutivo en español
SC69 Inf. 25 56 English
26. Wild lives, wild livelihoods (submitted by Canada and Namibia at the request and on behalf of UNEP) SC69 Inf. 26 14 English 23/11/2017
27. Rapport sur les progrès accomplis dans la mise en œuvre des recommandations faites lors de la mission conduite par le Secrétariat de la CITES (soumis par la Guinée) SC69 Inf. 27 29.2.3 French 23/11/2017
28. IPBES scoping report for a thematic assessment on the sustainable use of wild species (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69 Inf. 28 20 English 23/11/2017
29. The shared nature of Africa's elephants (submitted by Burkina Faso and Niger)
La nature commune des éléphants (soumis par le Burkina Faso et le Niger)
La naturaleza compartida de los elefantes de África (presentado por Burkina Faso y Níger)
SC69 Inf. 29 51 English
30. Global wildlife program - an overview (submitted by the Secretariat on behalf of the World Bank Group and UNDP) SC69 Inf. 30 8.1 English 23/11/2017
31. IUCN SSC’s Guiding Principles on Creating Proxies of Extinct Species for Conservation Benefit (submitted by the Secretariat and prepared by IUCN) SC69 Inf. 31 35 English 23/11/2017

CITES Strategic Vision 2008-2020 and its indicators (submitted by the Secretariat)
Vision de la stratégie CITES pour 2008-2020 et ses indicateurs (soumis par le Secrétariat)
Visíon estratégica de la CITES 2008-2020 y sus indicadores (presentado pour la Secretaría)

SC69 Inf. 32 10 English
33. The CITES Blockchain Challenge (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69 Inf. 33 40 English 23/11/2017
34. Identification material related to tiger skin: Response of the Government of India / National Tiger Conservation Authority (submitted by India) SC69 Inf. 34 44.1 English 24/11/2017
35. Follow-up report of the public-private council for the promotion of appropriate ivory trade measures (submitted by Japan) SC69. Inf 35 29.3 & 51.2 English 24/11/2017
36. Challenges to cites regulation of the international trade in live, wild-caught african elephants (submitted by Burkina Faso and Niger)
Les défis de la réglementation CITES concernant le commerce international des éléphants d'afrique vivants capturés dans la nature (soumis par le Burkina Faso et le Niger)
Internacional de elefantes africanos vivos capturados en la naturaleza (presentado por Burkina Faso y Niger)
SC69. Inf 36 39 27/11/2017
37. Support for implementation of CITES Decision 17.48 on demand reduction (submitted by the United States of America) SC69. Inf 37 15 English 27/11/2017
38 International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69. Inf 38 31.2 English 27/11/2017
39. Non-compliance with CITES concerning orchids (submitted by the Secretariat on behalf of IUCN) SC69. Inf 39 30 English 27/11/2017
40. ICES advice for 2017 on european eel (Anguilla anguilla) (submitted by the Secretariat) SC69. Inf 40 47.1 English 27/11/2017
Actions taken by the State of Qatar to combat illegal transit movement of elephant ivory and other worked ivory products (submitted by Qatar)
SC69. Inf 41 29.3 English 27/11/2017
42. Administrative matters including host country arrangements for the Secretariat (submitted by Switzerland) SC69. Inf 42 9.1 English 29/11/2017
43. Update of South Africa related to document SC69 doc. 29.3 (submitted by South Africa) SC69. Inf 43 29.3 English 29/11/2017
44. Information regarding caiman crocodilus fuscus in the framework of Colombia´s unilateral declaration at the 66th meeting of the Standing Committee of CITES (submitted by Colombia)
Remisión de información sobre caiman crocodilus fuscus en el marco de la declaración unilateral de Colombia en la 66ª reunión del comité permanente de la CITES (presentado por Colombia)
SC69. Inf 44 32 English
45. Activities carried out by GRASP under resolution Conf. 13.4 (Rev. CoP16) (submitted by the Secretariat on behalf of GRASP) SC69. Inf 45 55 English 29/11/2017
46. Progress report on Nigeria National Ivory Action Plan (submitted by Nigeria) SC69. Inf 46 29.3 English 01/12/2017
47. ETIS analysis and the engagement of Parties (submitted by the Secretariat and TRAFFIC) SC69. Inf 47 51.1 English 01/12/2017
48. NIAP Process (submitted by the in-session working group on NIAPS) SC69. Inf 48 29.3 English 01/12/2017