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New wildlife trade management system goes live in Sri Lanka

This electronic solution will enable better control of legal trade in wildlife and help prevent illegal trade


How countries around the world celebrated World Wildlife Day 2020

On 3 March, for the seventh time since its establishment in 2013, the CITES Secretariat and close partners organized high-level events to mark World Wildlife Day, in Geneva and New York.

Outside these official celebrations, nations and people around the world celebrated the Day by holding events and campaigns of all kinds and sizes to show their appreciation for our planet’s biodiversity and its wild fauna and flora.

World Wildlife Day highlights importance of sustainable use of wildlife for people, planet and prosperity in “biodiversity super year”

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Remarks of Ambassador Olof Skoog, Head of the European Union Delegation to the United Nations at the high-level event to celebrate World Wildlife Day at the UN Headquarters in New York

3 March 2020


2020 is a pivotal year for global biodiversity policy. The world is to agree in October in China on a new set of goals for the next Decade after we have failed to reach almost all the 2020 targets.

The stakes are high. According to the World Economic Forum, half of the global GDP – approximately €40 trillion – is dependent on nature. Yet, onemillion species are on the threat of extinction.

CITES Tree Species Programme launches dedicated website

Finalists Announced for World Wildlife Day Film Showcase

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UN issues stamps celebrating CITES-listed migratory species

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In support of World Wildlife Day 2020: IFAW joins CITES and UNDP to sponsor Global Youth Art Contest



CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero met key ministries in China to discuss CITES compliance and enforcement

China in the process of raising protection level of pangolins in its domestic law

New CITES Appendices as amended at CoP18 and new suites of Resolutions and Decisions enter into force

Geneva, 26 November 2019 –  In accordance with Article XV of the Convention and Resolution Conf. 4.6 (Rev. CoP18) respectively, the amendments to the CITES Appendices as adopted at CoP18 (17-28 August 2019, Geneva) and the new, revised and continued Resolutions and Decisions adopted at CoP18 enter into force today, namely 90 days after that meeting for all Parties except those which make reservations in accordance with paragraph 3 of  Article XV in the case of the Appendices.