CITES terminology


The basis for this glossary has been the compilation of the terms that are defined in the text of the Convention and in Resolutions. To this first set, the Secretariat has added recurrent terms that have not been officially defined, such as ‘amendment proposal’. Users of this glossary should note that the definitions provided herewith may be specific to CITES and not valid in another context.

Each entry gives the following information:

1) A definition. Cross-reference hyperlinks are shown in blue and allow for navigation within the glossary. Some entries simply indicate a hyperlink to a document or another section of the website.
2) A 'See also' section that gives hyperlinks to related terms, or to relevant Web pages or documents outside the glossary.
3) The source of the definition, indicating whether it has been:
  a) lifted word for word from existing text (indicated as “Definition from …”);
  b) adapted from existing text (indicated as “Definition adapted from …”), when some editorial changes have been made (in particular to standardize the presentation of definitions); or
  c) formulated by the Secretariat, as in the example given above. In this case, no source is indicated.
4) The French and Spanish equivalents.