The CITES Registers

The following Registers are maintained up to date on this website:

In accordance with Resolutions Conf. 12.10 (Rev. CoP15) and Conf. 9.19 (Rev. CoP15), any Management Authority that wishes to register an operation that breeds Appendix-I animal species for commercial purposes or a nursery that artificially propagates Appendix-I plant species must provide to the Secretariat, for inclusion in its Registers, all appropriate information to obtain and maintain the registration of each such captive-breeding operation or nursery. The procedure for registration and other details are provided in the above Resolutions.

Article VII, paragraph 6, of the Convention contains special provisions relating to regulation of trade in certain types of specimens of species included in Appendices I, II and III for "non-commercial loan, donation or exchange between scientists or scientific institutions registered by a Management Authority of their State". The Register of scientific institutions entitled to this exemption is maintained by the Secretariat in accordance with Resolution Conf. 11.15 (Rev. CoP18), which also contains guidelines for the implementation of the exemption.