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Certificates of ownership

Resolution Conf. 10.20 (Frequent cross-border movements of personally owned live animals) allows for the issuance of a certificate of ownership to the personal owner of a legally acquired live animal who wishes to travel to other States with the animal as a personal or household effect.

Click here to see the table that summarizes the information communicated by Parties to indicate whether they accept such certificates.

Countries currently subject to a recommendation to suspend trade

As CITES uses trade measures for its implementation, one recommendation for improving the effectiveness of the Convention is a temporary suspension of trade. Recommendations to suspend trade in specimens of CITES-listed species are made by the Conference of the Parties and the Standing Committee. A recommendation to suspend trade provides a period of time during which the relevant country can move from non-compliance to compliance by inter alia making progress in the enactment of adequate legislation, combating and reducing illegal trade, submitting missing annual reports or responding to specific recommendations of the Standing Committee concerning the implementation of Article IV of the Convention in the context of the Review of Significant Trade. Recommendations to suspend trade are withdrawn immediately upon a country’s return to compliance.

At the request of CITES Parties and to assist implementation of the Convention, the Secretariat has developed a table of recommendations to suspend trade that are currently in force. The table shows the countries affected by the recommendation, the Notification to the Parties containing the recommendation, the basis for the recommendation and scope of trade involved in the recommendation. Where appropriate, explanatory comments are provided.

Countries that use phytosanitary certificates as certificates of artificial propagation

In accordance with Resolution Conf. 12.3 (Rev. CoP16), section VII, the Parties listed below have informed the Secretariat that they use phytosanitary certificates as certificates to authorize the export of artificially propagated specimens of Appendix-II plant species. Samples of certificates that have been provided to the Secretariat can be viewed by CITES Management Authorities and Enforcement Authorities in the Forum section of this website.

Czech Republic
Hong Kong, SAR (China)

Republic of Korea

Fossil corals

This section provides a list of Parties' interpretations of the annotation exempting fossil corals from the provisions of the Convention received in response to Notification to the Parties No. 2006/063 of 14 November 2006.

Personal and household effects

The table below summarizes the information communicated by Parties, in response to Notifications to the Parties No. 2005/016 of 22 March 2005 and No. 2006/041 of 28 June 2006, to indicate whether export permits are needed for the movement of personal effects of Appendix-II species.

National legislation
Mainland No exemption exists. An export permit is still required for the movement of personal effects of Appendix-II species
Hong Kong Special Administration Region An exemption exists for specimens that are personal or household effects, under the circumstances prescribed in Resolution Conf. 13.7 (Rev. CoP14)
Macao Special Administrative Region An exemption exists for specimens that are personal or household effects, under the circumstances prescribed under Article VII, paragraph 3, of the Convention
European Union (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)


United States of America

Further information can be found in Resolution Conf. 13.7 (Rev. CoP16) (Control of trade in personal and household effects), in particular on the limits that the Conference of the Parties has established on the number of specimens of certain CITES-listed species that may be considered as personal effects.

Trade in sturgeons and paddlefish

The Secretariat has compiled the following register based on the information provided by Parties in accordance with Resolution Conf. 12.7 (Rev. CoP16) (Conservation of and trade in sturgeons and paddlefish), paragraphs a) and b) under RECOMMENDS: