2002 Sturgeon Quote - Explanatory Note

Catch and export quotas for Acipenseriformes for 2002

  1. Decision 11.58 states that "Starting from 1 January 2001, range States should declare coordinated intergovernmental level annual export and catch quotas per basin, or biogeographical region where appropriate, for all commercial trade in specimens of Acipenseriformes. Parties should inform the Secretariat prior to 31 December of the preceding year. Parties that fail to inform the Secretariat will automatically be treated as having a zero quota for the following year.

  2. It is evident that this applies in all cases where two or more governments allow export of specimens originating in the same basin or biogeographical region. In those cases, catch and export quotas should be coordinated at an intergovernmental level and should have been communicated to the Secretariat for the year 2002 before 31 December 2001. In the absence of such information it is taken that the export quotas concerned are zero. Endemic species/populations/stocks exploited by a single country within its territorial waters are not covered by Decision 11.58 and need not be declared. The same applies to specimens produced through aquaculture. Quotas communicated by some Parties for species endemic to those Parties only and for specimens from captive breeding operations (aquaculture) are therefore considered to be communicated in accordance with paragraph f) of Resolution Conf. 10.12 (Rev.). Both types of quotas for Acipenseriformes specimens are included here, for the sake of convenience.

  3. The catch and export quotas referred to in paragraph 1 must be coordinated between range States sharing the resource. The Secretariat has confirmed that quotas communicated to it have been coordinated with the other range States concerned. The Secretariat has no means or criteria to judge whether the level of coordination has been appropriate other than the information provided to it by Parties that submitted quotas. Range States objecting to quotas reported here should refer such objections to the range State(s) concerned.

  4. As outlined in Notification to the Parties No. 2000/061 of 3 November 2000, quotas allocated to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan by Kazakhstan or the Russian Federation are referenced under the entries for the latter two countries. Exports of specimens that are part of such quotas take place from either Kazakhstan or the Russian Federation or may appear in international trade as re-exports from Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan (or other countries).

  5. The Parties named in this table have communicated to the Secretariat quotas for Acipenseriformes that they have established for the calendar year 2002 in compliance with Decision 11.58. All other range States should be treated as having a zero export quota for the year 2002, except for specimens of endemic species or from captive-breeding operations.

  6. Amounts of specimens obtained as part of catch and export quotas for 2001, which have not been exported in 2001 but have been communicated to the Secretariat prior to 15 January 2002, are not included in the table unless specifically stated, but can be requested from the Secretariat.