Resolution Conf. 14.8 (Rev. CoP16)

Periodic Review of species included in Appendices I and II

RECOGNIZING the fundamental principles of Article II of the Convention and that there is a need to conduct periodic reviews of species listed in Appendices I and II to ensure that species are appropriately listed, based on current biological and trade information;


REAFFIRMING that Resolution Conf. 11.1 (Rev. CoP16) on Establishment of Committees, in Annex 2, paragraph h) under ‘RESOLVES’, directs the Animals and Plants Committees to undertake a periodic review of animal or plant species included in the CITES Appendices;

ACKNOWLEDGING that Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev. CoP16) on Criteria for amendment of Appendices I and II, establishes criteria to ensure that decisions to amend the Convention’s Appendices are founded on sound and relevant scientific information;

ACKNOWLEDGING that a completed periodic review of a species may result in a recommendation to amend Appendix I or II, or result in a recommendation that the species be retained as listed;


AGREES to the following.

a)The Animals and Plants Committees should share their experience, especially during joint meetings, regarding the undertaking of periodic reviews of taxa included in the Appendices (including financing of reviews, processes, format and outputs);

b)The Animals and Plants Committees shall establish a schedule for the Periodic Review of the Appendices and identify a list of taxa they propose to review during the next two intersessional periods between meetings of the Conference of the Parties (CoP). The list should be established at the first meetings of the Committees after the meeting of the CoP that initiates the review period;

c)The Animals and Plants Committees are strongly encouraged to follow the following guidelines:

i) the Animals and Plants Committees, in consultation with the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, shall select a practical taxonomic entity or entities for analysis;

ii) the following taxa should not be considered for review:

A. species that were the subject of listing proposals at the previous three meetings of the CoP (whether or not the proposals were adopted);

B.species subject to ongoing reviews, under the Review of Significant Trade [Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP13)], or periodic reviews conducted within the last 10 years; or

C.species subject to other reviews targeted by valid Decisions and Resolutions of the CoP; and

D.species for which it is clear that there has been no change in the status, range or trade and for which there is no possibility to need to amend the Appendices;

iii) the selected taxonomic entity or entities shall be assessed using the process outlined in the Annex to the present Resolution; and

iv) outputs resulting from the assessment conducted in accordance with the Annex shall contain the following information in summary tables that include:

A. a summary of trade data since the initial inclusion of that taxon in the Appendices;

B. current conservation status, including the IUCN category of the species, if assessed;

C.current listing in the CITES Appendices, date of first listing; and

D.the distribution of the species (range States);

d) From the resulting summary tables, the Animals and Plants Committees will identify the list of taxa to be reviewed;

e)The Secretariat shall send a copy of the proposed list of taxa to be reviewed to all Parties, and request range States of the taxa to comment within 60 days on the need to review the taxa and express their interest in undertaking the reviews. The responses shall be relayed by the Secretariat to the Animals or Plants Committee. If no volunteer offers to undertake a review within two intersessional periods between CoPs, those taxa shall be deleted from the list of species to be reviewed;

f)The Animals and Plants Committees shall conduct or organize the reviews responsibly, seeking information, participation and support from the range States. The regional representatives of the Animals and Plants Committees shall seek assistance from range States within their region to support the taxon reviews;

g)The Animals and Plants Committees and Parties are encouraged to undertake the following in order to facilitate periodic reviews:

i) collaborate with university graduate students, including those from the CITES Master's Programme at the International University of Andalusia;

ii) collaborate with other non-Party reviewers including species experts such as IUCN-SSC Specialist Groups;

iii) utilize readily available information on species’ conservation status from organizations (e.g. IUCN, BirdLife, etc.) and Parties;

iv) seek financial support for reviews, including from importing countries, as appropriate; and

v) increase communication between the Chairs of the Animals and Plants Committees and suggest coordination with Parties when animal and plant species’ ranges overlap;

h)The Chair of the Animals and Plants Committees shall keep the Standing Committee informed about the conduct of periodic reviews, noting that Standing Committee approval is not required to initiate the process;

i)Each review (in the format of a proposal used to amend the Appendices) is to be submitted as a working document to the Animals or Plants Committee for review, clearly specifying the recommendation with reference to the criteria in Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev. CoP16). The Secretariat shall notify the relevant range States of these working documents in advance of the meeting of the Committee;

j)In cases where a review indicates, and the Animals or Plants Committee agrees, that it would be appropriate to transfer a taxon from one Appendix to another, or to delete a taxon from the Appendices:

i) the Animals or Plants Committee shall, in consultation with the range States, prepare or arrange the preparation of a proposal to amend the Appendices;

ii) the Secretariat, on behalf of the Animals or Plants Committee, shall provide copies of the proposal to the range States and request that one or more should submit the proposal for consideration at the following meeting of the CoP;

iii) if no range State is willing to submit the proposal, the Secretariat shall request the Depositary Government to submit it as specified in Resolution Conf. 11.1 (Rev. CoP16) and to include the comments of the range States in the supporting statement; and

iv) proposals resulting from the periodic review of the Appendices must be submitted for decision to the CoP; and

k)In cases where the Animals or Plants Committee decides that it would not be appropriate to transfer a taxon from one Appendix to another, or to delete a taxon from the Appendices, it shall draft its decision with reference to the criteria in Resolution Conf. 9.24 (Rev. CoP16);

DIRECTS the Secretariat to maintain a record of the species selected for periodic review, including: species previously and currently reviewed; dates of relevant Committee documents; recommendations from the reviews; and any reports and associated documents; and

INVITES Parties, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other interested entities to support the work of the Animals and Plants Committees in the undertaking of the periodic review of the Appendices.


Protocol for the assessment of taxa for consideration in the
Periodic Review of the Appendices

* Amended at the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.



Number / Code: 
Conf. 14.8 (Rev. CoP16)
COP meeting: 
Fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties