Resolution Conf. 12.4 (Rev. CoP18)

Cooperation between CITES and the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources regarding trade in toothfish

RECOGNIZING that international cooperation is essential for the protection of certain species of wild fauna and flora and prevention of overexploitation and other adverse effects that can be caused by international trade;

CONSCIOUS of the importance of oceans for the earths ecosystem and of the obligation of all States to protect and preserve the marine environment and its resources;

RECALLING that Article XV, paragraph 2 (b), of the Convention, provides that the Secretariat, as regards marine species, shall consult with intergovernmental organizations having a function in relation to those species;

RECOGNIZING that several organizations and regional agreements in the field of fisheries are adopting conservation measures that include guidelines for the certification of the origin of capture for species whose recovery and sustainable use they wish to promote and that for the success of these efforts it is important that all States, including those that are not members of or parties to those organizations or agreements, cooperate with these conservation measures and implement them;

KEEPING IN MIND that the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has adopted an action plan that includes, together with measures for preventing and eliminating excessive fishing, others aimed at ensuring transparency of international trade in the species that it regulates, especially the Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus spp.) in order that that trade does not affect the sustainable development of fishing nor the responsible use of Antarctic marine living resources;

TAKING NOTE that CCAMLR promotes cooperation with specific organizations and with any other organization that contributes to the work of that Commission and its Scientific Committee in aspects related to the protection of the Antarctic marine ecosystem;

CONCERNED that illicit, unregulated and unreported fishing activities threaten to harm the populations of several fish species, including those of the Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish, and urging all countries to cooperate with international efforts to eradicate illicit, unregulated and unreported fishing;

TAKING NOTE that CCAMLR has established regulations on commercial exploitation of all Antarctic marine living resources, especially the Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish, for all member States in order to prevent fishing from reaching levels of overexploitation;

FURTHER NOTING that CCAMLR, at its 21st meeting, urged CITES Parties to require a document under the CCAMLR Catch Documentation Scheme for all toothfish imports as well as agreeing that further cooperation with CITES would be welcome;

ALSO RECOGNIZING the need for CCAMLR and CITES to cooperate closely, both for the exchange of information concerning international trade in products of the Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish, and in their efforts to ensure that international trade in these species is carried out with the utmost legality, rigour and transparency;

CONCERNED that illicit international trade in specimens of species regulated by CCAMLR undermines the effectiveness of CCAMLR and the principles of CITES;

URGING the Parties to CITES to use all measures within their power to ensure that ships flying their flag are not used to undermine conservation measures adopted by CCAMLR or adopted voluntarily outside the scope of that Convention by countries in whose jurisdictional waters specimens of Dissostichus spp. are captured;


With regard to international trade in toothfish

RECOMMENDS that, regarding these species, the Parties adopt the Dissostichus Catch Document used by CCAMLR for Dissostichus spp. and implement requirements for verification in all cases where specimens of these species are introduced into or exported from or transit through the territory under their jurisdiction;

With regard to illicit trade in toothfish products

WELCOMES WITH SATISFACTION the work of CCAMLR in combating illicit, unregulated and unreported fishing and urges the Parties to CITES to study carefully the question of trade in specimens of Patagonian toothfish and Antarctic toothfish, especially their geographic origin, and to cooperate with the Secretariat of CCAMLR in gathering information in this regard;

ENCOURAGES CCAMLR to maintain a permanent flow of information to the Parties to CITES through the Conference of the Parties and requests that the Secretariat in turn transmit to the Secretariat of CCAMLR any information available on illicit trade in these species; and

INVITES all interested countries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other intergovernmental or international organizations active in this field to cooperate in efforts to prevent illicit trade in these species and transmit any relevant information to the Secretariat of CCAMLR; and

With regard to adhesion to the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

RECOMMENDS to the Parties that capture toothfish or that trade in toothfish products, and which have not yet done so, to adhere to the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and, in any case, to cooperate voluntarily with its conservation measures.

Number / Code: 
Conf. 12.4 (Rev. CoP18)
COP meeting: 
Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties