Resolution Conf. 5.20 (Rev. CoP16)

Guidelines for the Secretariat when making recommendations
in accordance with Article XV

NOTING Article XV, paragraph 2 (b) and (c), of the Convention requiring the Secretariat to make recommendations to the Parties for amendments proposed for Appendices I and II;

RECOGNIZING problems encountered by the Secretariat in always obtaining sufficient data on which to base its recommendations;

RECOGNIZING also that data and information may be obtained from a wide variety of publications and sources;


ESTABLISHES the following guidelines to be followed by the Secretariat when making recommendations in accordance with Article XV, paragraph 2 (b) and (c), of the Convention:

a)    where appropriate, references shall be cited in the text of recommendations so that specific data can be traced to a source;

b)    citations shall be given in accordance with a recognized scientific standard for such citations;

c)    data in unpublished form may be used and referred to provided the source is indicated. If the information is classified as confidential, the fact must be stated;

d)    if the proposal includes an annotation, the recommendations should specifically cover:

       i)     the appropriateness of the proposed annotation with regard to those specimens that dominate the trade and the demand for the wild resource;

       ii)    any potential problems in implementing the proposed annotation; and

       iii)   whether the proposed annotation is harmonized with existing annotations;

e)    if the species has been listed previously or proposed for listing or delisting, a brief history of such listing or proposals and their treatment under CITES may be included in the recommendations;

f)    if applicable, reference should be made to any existing Resolutions affecting the proposal or to any draft resolutions that have been tabled and await consideration by the Parties;

g)   additional biological and/or trade data may be requested from the proposing and/or range States or from any other source to confirm or dispute other available data; and

h)    as far as possible, the Secretariat recommendations should be based on as wide a range of information as it can obtain recognizing that such information should not be limited to scientific data; and

URGES the Secretariat to continue to endeavour to provide recommendations with the main objective of furthering the principles and effective implementation of the Convention.


* Amended at the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

Number / Code: 
Conf. 5.20 (Rev. CoP16)
COP meeting: 
Fifth meeting of the Conference of the Parties