FAO/CITES Regional consultative workshop on sharks for Africa

Venue: Casablanca, Morocco

Dates: 11-13 February 2014

The event was organized by FAO, CITES and INFOSAMAK and was attended by representatives from fisheries agencies and CITES authorities from ten West African countries, representatives from the EU and Regional Fisheries Bodies. CITES Secretariat provided funding as well as substantive support as co-organizer to the meeting.

This was the first in a series of three planned regional consultative workshops, whose main objective is to assess the capacity and needs of major shark-fishing nations in West Africa to comply with the new CITES listings. It was a meaningful gathering for these nations in the region to identify the main technical and institutional issues concerned.

A CITES Secretariat staff gave a presentation on requirements for the implementation of the new listings, and helped draft the Casablanca Declaration, which was agreed by all participants as a final outcome of the workshop along with the strategic roadmap.

The result of the workshop is expected serve as a firm basis for capacity development actions in the region. The Secretarit will work on preparing for the following joint workshops from the lessons learnt in the event.

>>> Casablanca Declaration and Roadmap for the Implementation of CITES Requirements in Relation to Sharks and Manta Rays