Comité Técnico Científico (CTC) del Plan de Acción Regional (PAR) para la Conservación y Manejo de Tiburones, Rayas y Quimeras en la Región del Pacifico Sudeste

The meeting was organized by AUNAP (Autoridad Nacional de Acuicultura y Pesca) of Colombia and CPPS. National representatives of the Member States of CPPS (Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), representatives of NGOs and expert staffs of CPPS were present in the meeting.

Based on the National Reports presented by delegations of Member States and Status Review of Progress of PAR Shark, progress and difficulties in implementing the National Conservation Plans for Sharks and Rays had been assessed including progress in CITES issues. During the following presentation session, A CPPS expert staff made a series of presentations on behalf of CITES Secretariat and FAO using CITES-FAO standard sharks PowerPoint materials.

CITES Secretariat expects to get more sub-regional organizations and institutions involved in preparation for implementing CITES listing of shark species based on regional and inter-governmental cooperation.