Resources for implementation: Legality

Parties must ensure that specimens in trade have been legally acquired, through monitoring and compliance with applicable laws, (sub)regional fishery management measures, etc.


National laws regulating CITES-listed sharks [CITES Decision 16.128, paragraph a)]

  • Notification to the Parties requesting Parties to provide a summary of their domestic laws and regulations that prohibit or regulate the landing of sharks or trade in shark specimens, together with copies of or links to these instruments [notification to be sent out shortly]
  • List of national laws and regulations

Regional Fishery Management Organization (RFMO) measures for shark conservation and management [CITES Decision 16.128, paragraph b)]

Summary of RFMO measures as at March 2014 (PDF, English only)  (final interactive version to be hosted by FAO)

Introduction from the sea (IFS)

  • CITES PowerPoint presentation on Introduction from the sea

Relevant tools and guides