Non-detriment findings

The preamble to the Convention recognizes that international cooperation is essential for the protection of certain species of wild fauna and flora against over-exploitation through international trade, and recognizes also the urgency of taking appropriate measures to this end.… See more

Current policies on NDFs

In Resolution Conf. 13.2 on Sustainable use of biodiversity: Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines, Parties were urged, when adopting NDF processes and making CITES NDFs, to make use of the …

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Guidance on NDFs

In 1992, the CoP adopted Resolution Conf. 8.6 on the Role of the Scientific Authority which arose initially from a document by the United States of America discussed at the fifth meeting of the CITES Animals Committee (Vancouver, August 1991). This Resolution recommended, inter alia, that the… See more

Convention Requirements

In detail, the NDF requirements in the text of the Convention are:

a) Article III (Appendix-I species):

i) An export… See more

NDF case studies


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