MIKE-ETIS Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The Standing Committee is charged in Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP16) with establishing a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to provide technical oversight to both MIKE and ETIS. This Group should support the development and implementation of ETIS and in relation to MIKE, assist the Secretariat with the establishment of relevant databases and standard reporting protocols for the reporting of illegal hunting by CITES Management Authorities in range States and for monitoring in specific sites or areas.

The terms of reference for the TAG were reviewed by the MIKE-ETIS Subgroup in 2014 and can be found here.

Broadly, the TAG has been established:

  • To ensure the technical and practical soundness of MIKE;
  • To help ensure the consistency and appropriateness of the design, development and implementation of MIKE-ETIS across the six sub-regions in Africa and Asia; and
  • To advise on appropriate analytical procedures and time-frames for outputs or products from MIKE-ETIS to the Parties or relevant bodies established by the Parties.

The TAG consists of up to 12 members, plus additional co-opted members. Six members are nominated by range State governments of the six subregions where elephants occur. The MIKE ETIS Subgroup reviews and confirms nominations made by the range States. The rest of the members are appointed by the MIKE Subgroup on the basis of their expertise on relevant subjects.

The chairs of the IUCN/SSC African Elephant and Asian Elephant Specialist Groups (AfESG and AsESG respectively) are co-opted members of the TAG.

The members of the TAG are currently:

Sub-regional category:

Moses Kofi Sam (West Africa)
Martin Tchamba (Central Africa)
Colin Craig (southern Africa)
Iain Douglas-Hamilton (East Africa)
Raman Sukumar (South Asia)
Li Zhang (Southeast Asia)

Individual category:

Liz Bennett
Ken Burnham
Hugo Jachmann
Esmond Martin

Co-opted members:

IUCN/SSC AfESG Chair: Holly Dublin
IUCN/SSC AsESG Chair: Vivek Menon
ETIS Statistician: Bob Burn

Minutes of the TAG meetings are available below: