MIKE Projects


The MIKE programme is mandated by CITES Resolution Conf. 10.10, but it is entirely dependent on donor support for its implementation. The European Union has been the main donor for the MIKE programme in Africa since 2001, while a variety of donors have contributed to MIKE implementation in Asia. Support for MIKE implementation is realized through projects. Ongoing projects are listed below.

Current projects

Upcoming projects

  • UNODC-CITES Wildlife Law Enforcement in Asia — funded by the European Union (2016-2018)

Past projects

  • MIKE 3.0 (2013-2014) — funded by the European Union under the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the European Commission and UNEP of the European Union's Thematic Programme on the Environment and Natural Resources (ENRTP).
  • MIKE Phase II (2006-2012) — an initiative of the ACP Secretariat funded by the European Union.
  • MIKE Phase I (2001-2004)