ICCWC in action

A number of activities have been conducted by ICCWC since its 2010 launch. Partners have provided input to a range of events and ICCWC has coordinated international and regional events on critical issues related to combating transnational organized wildlife and forest crime.
Examples include a workshop on controlled deliveries in Shanghai, China, a seminar for heads of police and Customs on tiger crime in Bangkok, Thailand, specialized training for wildlife law enforcement officers from Africa and Asia and the first international training on rhinoceros DNA sampling.
ICCWC also delivers events to raise awareness, build cooperation and raise the political profile of wildlife crime. In 2013 ICCWC hosted a Ministerial Roundtable and the first global meeting of wildlife enforcement networks at the 16th Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP16) in Bangkok, Thailand, and a side event at the 22nd UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, in Vienna, Austria.
Reflecting its capacity-building focus, ICCWC developed the ICCWC Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytic Toolkit to help governments review the effectiveness of their responses to wildlife and forest crime. ICCWC is now supporting the implementation of the Toolkit in a number of countries, as highlighted in the map below:

The ICCWC Annual Report 2013 summarizes the activities conducted by the consortium during 2013.

Further information on these ICCWC activities, and other examples of ICCWC in action, can be found below.

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