Recommendation to suspend trade

Article XIII

National legislation status

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SSFA in place with the CITES Secretariat. Observations on draft bill provided by the Secretariat. Draft legislation submitted to the Secretariat. Request for update sent 18 Feb. 2024. Response received 19 Feb. 2024: transfer adopted CITES legislation and draft regulations for analysis. 

Comments to be provided by the Secretariat. Finalization and submission of draft legislation. 

Feb. 2024

Review of Significant Trade

Species Status Stage Meeting Further details
Kinixys homeana Ongoing Stage 4 - j) AC25 View case details
Pandinus imperator Trade Suspension Stage 4 - j) AC24 View case details
Chamaeleo gracilis Ongoing Stage 4 - l) AC25 View case details
Poicephalus fuscicollis Trade Suspension Stage 4 - j) AC14 View case details
Varanus ornatus Ongoing Stage 4 - j) AC27 View case details

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Category A
As identified by ETIS Analysis prepared for CoP17