CITES trade database


The CITES trade database, managed by UNEP-WCMC on behalf of the CITES Secretariat, is a unique resource and currently holds 7 million records of trade in wildlife and 50,000 scientific names of taxa listed by CITES. Currently, more than 500,000 records of trade in CITES-listed species of wildlife are reported annually.

If you wish to query the CITES Trade Database then please enter your details below and select whether you wish to follow the novice querying route (assisted step by step by a query wizard) or the expert query route (for those already familiar with CITES trade data). We recommend that you read the following guidelines before querying this database: A Guide to Interpreting Outputs from the UNEP-WCMC CITES Trade Database (PDF format, 233K).

For further information, please contact the CITES Trade Database Team at: [email protected]

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The CITES Trade Database online query tool was developed with financial support from the European Commission.