Queen conch (Strombus gigas)

The range States of Strombus gigas are encouraged to:

a) collaborate to implement the
Regional Queen Conch Fisheries Management and Conservation Plan, and develop national Queen Conch Fisheries Management and Conservation Plans, as appropriate;

b) continue to collect data on weight of
S. gigas by processing grade in order to update and improve the regional conversion factors, and establish or update national conversion factors, taking into account the spatial variability and characteristics of the species;

c) collaborate in developing and implementing joint research programmes at the sub- regional or regional level to support the making of non-detriment findings that take into account all fishing mortality, promote relevant research and capacity-building activities through regional fisheries management entities and mobilize financial resources for data collection;

d) promote and collaborate in developing and implementing public education and awareness programmes regarding the conservation and sustainable use of
S. gigas;

e) continue to collaborate in exploring ways to enhance the traceability of specimens of

S. gigas in international trade, including, but not limited to, catch certificates, labelling systems and the application of genetic techniques, and consider sharing relevant experiences with the Secretariat, Parties and the Standing Committee, as appropriate, in the context of discussions on traceability systems for trade in CITES-listed species;

f) collaborate on combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activity;

g) make available to the Standing Committee, through the Secretariat, information concerning illegal trade in queen conch, including surveillance and enforcement activities, as appropriate; and

h) provide information to the Secretariat on the implementation of paragraphs a) to f) of this Decision to allow it to report at the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, in accordance with Decision 18.280, as appropriate.

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Species specific matters
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18.275 - 18.280
Eighteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties
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