Malagasy palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.) and ebonies (Diospyros spp.)

Madagascar shall:

a) continue to identify the main commercially valuable species in the genera
Dalbergia and Diospyros from Madagascar, in cooperation with the Secretariat and relevant partners, such as the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations;

b) continue to make progress in the development of non-detriment findings for commercially valuable species in the genera
Dalbergia and Diospyros, including implementation of appropriate monitoring mechanisms;

c) for those species identified under paragraph a) establish, in collaboration with the CITES Secretariat, a precautionary export quota based upon a scientifically robust non-detriment finding;

d) continue the production of identification materials for timber and timber products from species of the genera
Dalbergia and Diospyros from Madagascar;

e) for those species identified under paragraph a), strengthen control and enforcement measures against illegal logging and export at the national level, including seizures, investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and sanctions, regardless of the title and level of responsibility of the offenders;

f) subject to available funding, secure the stockpiles (including undeclared and hidden stocks) of timber of
Dalbergia and Diospyros in Madagascar, and submit regular updates on audited inventories thereof, and a use plan based on transparency and independent oversight mechanisms, for consideration, approval and further guidance from the Standing Committee;

g) share with the Secretariat a proposed budget, to seek assistance from Parties and technical and financial partners for the implementation of this Decision; and

h) provide reports on progress with the implementation of Decision 18.96 to the 25th and 26th meetings of the Plants Committee and the 73rd and 74th meetings of the Standing Committee;

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Eighteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties
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