MIKE Law Enforcement Capacity Assessments

The MIKE Law Enforcement (LE) Capacity Assessment was developed as part of the CITES Minimising the Illegal Killing of Elephants and other Endangered Species (MIKES) Project, which is  implemented by CITES in collaboration with participating range States and other partners over a 4.5 year period commencing in late 2014, with financial assistance from the European Union. MIKES is part of the CITES MIKE Programme, which is mandated under CITES Resolution 10.10.

These law enforcement capacity assessments are designed to help participating range States and sites to better understand the status of their wildlife law enforcement efforts, pinpoint key areas where investments and projects could potentially be targeted, and monitor progress in strengthening wildlife law enforcement capacity.

Capacity assessments have been developed for use at the site level and at the national-level, and implemented as PDF fillable forms. These assessments are designed to be undertaken as a self-assessment by staff working at the participating MIKE site and/or at headquarters. The  assessments are organized into a series of law enforcement pillars, with a set of benchmarks designed to measure law enforcement capacity under each pillar. The assessment exercise is best completed by a lead person, assisted where possible by specialists in the different law enforcement pillars.

Access the capacity assessment forms and guidance by clicking on the links below:


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MIKES is an Initiative of the ACP Secretarat, funded by the European Union under the 10th EDF