MIKES Result 5

Piloting of law enforcement, management and monitoring systems, protocols and capacity building approaches in Caribbean and Pacific protected area sites

MIKES Result 5 aims to pilot the key protected area and flagship species monitoring and protection methodologies that have been developed through a decade of theHawksbill Turtle. Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service implementation of the MIKE Programme, which are further expanded and strengthened through MIKES, in selected protected area sites in the Caribbean and Pacific regions. The main aim is to test the applicability and relevance of these management approaches outside the African continent, in potentially very different law enforcement and management situations, with different flagship species and different law enforcement challenges.The key activities identified to deliver this result are as follows:

Activity 5.1 Identify appropriate protected area sites for implementing pilot MIKES activities and establish collaboration agreements with the relevant protected area authorities and partner organisations

Activity 5.2 Develop and implement practical and effective protected area law enforcement and management systems at pilot protected areas and provide technical and operational support for the strengthening of existing systems, incorporating lessons learnt and best practice solutions

Activity 5.3 Establish communication mechanisms between participating sites in the ACP region for exchange of lessons learnt and best practices.


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MIKES is an Initiative of the ACP Secretarat, funded by the European Union under the 10th EDF