MIKES Result 3

National and sub-regional information, decision making and intelligence systems

MIKES Result 3 addresses the lesson learnt from MIKE Phase II concerning the need to further strengthen national-level information, decision-making and enforcement systems designed to reduce illegal killing of elephants and other flagship species. The Result builds on the positive engagement of national wildlife authorities that has been spearheaded by the MIKE Sub-Regional Support Units, and represents a crucial aspect of MIKES’ efforts to achieve sustainability by enabling national wildlife management agencies to mainstream biodiversity monitoring in their protected area systems and management policies. Another important component of the Result is the development of national-level activities designed to strengthen the capacity of selected participating countries to combat wildlife crime, including potential policy and legislation initiatives, enhanced availability of critical information, and improved collaboration between national law enforcement agencies and the judiciary. Result 3 also facilitates and supports sub-regional cooperation, information sharing and action to protect elephants and other flagship species, utilising the platform provided by the  MIKE Partners meetings.

The key activities identified to deliver this result are as follows:

Activity 3.1 Work with national wildlife agencies to gain buy-in for the development and implementation of law enforcement and management effort benchmarks

Activity 3.2 Provide support to focal country protected area institutions in the implementation of biodiversity monitoring systems and their integration in national conservation and environmental planning

Activity 3.3 Support the implementation of national wildlife crime and illegal trade intelligence initiatives according to the ICCWC Toolkit framework

Activity 3.4 Support national and sub-regional wildlife crime and illegal trade initiatives, including the potential establishment of interagency collaboration initiatives

Activity 3.5 Facilitate sub-regional collaboration in conservation of flagship species and law enforcement through the MIKES sub-regional steering committee meetings



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MIKES is an Initiative of the ACP Secretarat, funded by the European Union under the 10th EDF