MIKES Result 1

MIKES Result 1: Information on status and threats to elephants and other flagship species and benchmarks on law enforcement and management effort

MIKES Result 1 builds upon the successful foundation for strengthening ranger-based monitoring of biodiversity and threats in participating elephant range States established during MIKE Phases I, II and 3.0, involving developing monitoring capacity and systems at both the protected area site and national levels for the implementation of the MIST and SMART law enforcement monitoring systems. The MIKES project continues to support the implementation of these monitoring systems in sites and elephant range States currently participating in MIKE, as well as potentially in additional sites that are of high priority for elephants and/or other flagship species.

Another important dimension of the Result will be the establishment of law enforcement benchmarks that can be used by participating MIKE sites to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their law enforcement systems, as well as to fulfil the broader monitoring requirements of the MIKES project and achievement of the law enforcement targets established by the broader CITES MIKE mandate.

The key activities identified to deliver this result are as follows:

Activity 1.1 Develop improved ranger-based monitoring tools and systems based on protected area management needs and constraints, lessons learnt and best practice, including the introduction of the SMART system where appropriate

Activity 1.2 Provide technical, capacity building and essential material support as appropriate to existing participating MIKE sites and countries to strengthen and consolidate established ranger-based monitoring (RBM) systems and capacity

Activity 1.3 Develop benchmarks of law enforcement and management effort for participating MIKE sites and provide training to participating sites in their application

Activity 1.4 Carry out regular assessments of benchmarks and indicators as part of the MIKES Implementation Monitoring System (MIMS)


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MIKES is an Initiative of the ACP Secretarat, funded by the European Union under the 10th EDF