The European region met to discuss CITES-related plant issues

From 11 to 14 November the European Regional CITES Plants Meeting took place in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Forty-five participants from 18 countries, the European Commission and the CITES Secretariat met to discuss plant related issues and came up with recommendations for the meeting of the CITES Plants Committee and Standing Committee.

The organization of the meeting marks the continuing support of the Government of the Netherlands for the implementation of the CITES Convention. “As a major trading country and one of the gateways to the European market, the Netherlands feels a responsibility to ensure that trade in CITES-listed plants is sustainable”, Mr. van Nijnatten stated on behalf of the host country.

Ms Margarita Clemente, chair of the CITES Plants Committee, said the meeting provided an excellent opportunity to exchange information and best practices. “We have come up with a number of recommendations to share with our partners at the next Plants Committee meeting to make sure the best available scientific knowledge guide CITES decisions”.