Technical workshop on songbird trade and conservation management

Meeting date
11 - 14 December 2023

This technical workshop is organized in accordance with Decision 18.256 (Rev. CoP19) on Songbird trade and conservation management adopted by the Conference of the Parties to CITES at its 19th meeting (CoP19, Panama City, November 2022). The workshop will consider the findings of a preliminary study on the scale and scope of international songbird trade and the management and conservation priorities of songbird taxa involved in such trade, and will bring together members of the Animals and Standing Committee, representatives from range, exporting, transit and consumer States, and relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

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Information note for participants

Workshop documents:


Background study:

CITES Songbird report part 1: Overview
CITES Songbird report part 2: Prioritization
Supplementary material S1: Table of priority songbirds

Information documents:

Inf.1: Illegal songbird trade and captive breeding of songbirds in Europe
Inf.2: Deletion of birds from CITES Appendix III changed global trade reports and dynamics

Songbirds in Trade Database (SiTDB):

Inf.3: Songbirds in Trade Database (SiTDB)
Juergens et al (2021). A standardized dataset for conservation prioritization of songbirds to support CITES
Database file
Metadata file
Synonyms HBI

The Songbird Species Knowledge Initiative:

Inf.4: The Songbird Species Knowledge Initiative
Songbird SKI Summary report
Annex 1: Songbird SKI
Annex 2: Essays on live songbird trade and ex-situ conservation

Americas Songbird crisis:

Latin America
Trinidad and Tobago (file 1 of 2)
Trinidad and Tobago (file 2 of 2)
United States of America
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

Asian Songbird crisis:

TRAFFIC report (2017): Caged in the City 
Lees and Yuda (2022). The Asian songbird crisis
TRAFFIC Southeast Asia report (2004): pet trade in Medan, Sumatra
USAID-BIJAK (2020): Songbird Demand Reduction and Behaviour Change in Indonesia
TRAFFIC Bulletin Vol. 29 No.1 (2017): Second South-east Asian Songbird Crisis Summit

Other resources:

Mirin and Klinck (2021). Bird singing contests: Looking back on thirty years of research on a global conservation concern