Rearing in a controlled environment of animals taken as eggs or juveniles from the wild, where they would otherwise have had a very low probability of surviving to adulthood.

In the context of CITES, this term is used mainly in relation to populations of Appendix-I species of animals that are no longer endangered and that are transferred to Appendix II in accordance with Resolution Conf. 11.16 (Rev. CoP15), so that they may benefit from this form of management. In order to achieve adequate controls of trade in ranched specimens, parts and derivatives thereof are identified through a uniform marking system approved by the Conference of the Parties. This system may differ from species to species. Ranched species currently include only crocodilians, primarily ranched for their skins.

See also: Resolution Conf.  9.20 (Rev.)captive breeding

[Definition adapted from Resolution Conf.  11.16 (Rev. CoP15)]

French: élevage en ranch / Spanish: cría en granjas