Pre-Convention specimen

specimen acquired before the provisions of the Convention applied to it. If a certificate to this effect is issued by a Management Authority, then no other permit or certificate is required under the Convention to authorize export, import or re-export.

In Resolution Conf.  13.6 (Rev. CoP18), the Conference of the Parties recommends that, for the purposes of Article VII, paragraph 2:

a) the date from which the provisions of the Convention apply to a specimen be the date on which the species concerned was first included in the Appendices; and

b) the date on which a specimen is acquired be considered as the date on which the animal or plant or, in the case of parts or derivatives, the animal or plant from which they were taken, was known to be::

i) removed from the wild; or

ii) born in captivity or artificially propagated in a controlled environment; or

if such date is unknown or cannot be proved, the date on which the specimen was acquired shall be the earliest provable date on which it was first possessed by any person.

See alsoArticle VII, paragraph 2; Resolution Conf.  13.6 (Rev. CoP18)

French: spécimen pré-Convention / Spanish: espécimen preconvención