Institution type
Register of captive-breeding operations
Date of establishment
Date of CITES registration
Origin of stock
Chlamydotis macqueenii : Specimens taken from the wild and bred in captivity in the United Arab Emirates
Chlamydotis undulata: Specimens imported from Morocco
Marking of specimens
Cryopreserved ejaculates : Label with the male’s ring number and the date of the ejaculate’s collection
Eggs: Marked with a permanent marker using a unique code
Live specimens: Marked with a permanent adult aluminium ring
Taxidermy mounts: Marked with a permanent adult aluminium ring
Houbara Breeding Centre - Abu Dhabi
Owner / Proprietario / Propriétaire: International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC)
Manager / Administrador / Gérant: Dr Frédéric Lacroix
National Avian Research Centre (NARC)
Al Ain road
P.O. Box 10000 – Sweihan
United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)3 701 4700
+971 (0)3 734 7607