Institution type
Register of captive-breeding operations
Date of establishment
Date of CITES registration
Origin of stock
CITES-registered operations in Viet Nam
Marking of specimens
– All specimens over one year are marked through caudal scale cutting;
– The breeding stock is marked with a unique, numbered and colour plastic tags inserted through one of the large caudal scutes;
– Skins are marked with a CITES label;
– Non-skin products (meat, bones, etc.) are marked with a label affixed on the container and cross-referenced on the corresponding CITES permit;
– Finished skin products purchased as personal effects (no more than four items per person) are sold with a certificate indicating the operation code, details of the buyers and destination; and
– Finished skin products sold in bulk have the tag numbers of the skins used indicated on the corresponding CITES permit
My Hiep Crocodile Farm
Group 7
Hamlet 1
My Hiep Commune
Cao Lanh District
Dong Thap Province
+84 937444964 (Cell phone)
+84 277 3910022
+84 (58) 88 86 78
Species bred