Institution type
Register of captive-breeding operations
Date of establishment
Date of CITES registration
Origin of stock
Local captive-breeding operations
Marking of specimens
– All specimens over one year are marked through caudal scale cutting;
– The breeding stock is marked with a unique, numbered and colour plastic tag inserted through one of the large caudal scutes;
– Skins are marked with a CITES label;
– Non-skin products (meat, bones, etc.) are marked with a label affixed on the container and cross-referenced on the corresponding CITES permit;
– Finished skin products purchased as personal effects (no more than four items per person) are sold with a certificate indicating the operation code, details of the buyer and destination; and
– Finished skin products sold in bulk have the tag numbers of the skins used indicated on the corresponding CITES permit
Yangbay Crocodile Captive Breeding Farm
Khanh Phu Commune
Khanh Vinh District
Khanh Hoa Province
+84 (58) 88 86 66
+84 (58) 88 85 79
+84 (58) 88 86 78
Species bred