Institution type
Register of captive-breeding operations
Date of establishment
Date of CITES registration
Origin of stock
– Falco peregrinus: captive-bred stock
– Falco rusticolus and hybrids: captive-bred in the European Union in operations not registered with CITES, except for specimens of F. peregrinus bred by the owner
Marking of specimens
– Breeding stock: closed bands.
– Offspring and exported specimens: numbered seamless closed metal leg band. Bands used for hybrids are blue and contain the code "HY" in addition to a number.
Date of CITES registration: 14/10/1993 for Falco peregrinus and 28/10/2013 for F. rusticolus and hybrids of F. pelegrinoides, F. peregrinus, F. rusticolus and other falcon species included in Appendix II
Manfred Cords
Bremer Weg 12-13
Klosterseelte 27243