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11 June 2022

1+1+1+1= more than 4

The recently concluded Stockholm+50 Conference marked not only 50 years since the crucial conference on the Human Environment but also the origins, fifty years ago of four Conventions that have...
Environment Ministers speak at CITES Event
10 June 2022

A move to more sustainable fishing in the Caribbean

80 representatives from Caribbean countries and the US have received training to better ensure the long-term sustainability of local marine species that are crucial for the livelihoods of communities in...
Conch Shell
01 June 2022

Countdown to World Wildlife Conference

The countdown has begun to the 19 th World Wildlife Confere nce which is taking place in Panama… and the event’s logo has been unveiled. Known more officially as the...
CITES CoP19 logo
23 May 2022

What’s an NDF and why is it important?

One of the most important tools in conservation is being reviewed and overhauled thanks to funds from Germany, Switzerland and the European Union. The tool is called a Non-Detriment Finding...
Botanist studying tree
23 May 2022

Blue BioTrade in the Caribbean

A new packet of measures designed to promote legal and sustainable trade, and bring economic benefits to local communities in the East Caribbean fishing industry, under the Blue BioTrade Project...
Queen Conch in Caribbean Sea