Release of the 8th edition of The Evolution of CITES

CITES Strategic Plan Working Group

The Standing Committee, at its 53rd meeting (Geneva, June – July 2005), agreed to the terms of reference of the Strategic Plan Working Group.

The CITES Secretariat is compiling the reviews referred to in the terms of reference so that all completed reviews can be made available to the Working Group when it first meets in the week of 24 April 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. These reviews will help the Working Group to identify outcomes and deficiencies and to determine whether the objectives have been achieved and whether the Convention’s resources have been optimally applied.

In accordance with the terms of reference, the Secretariat invites Parties to provide their review of outcomes relating to each objective of the current Strategic Vision and to submit these reviews to the Secretariat as soon as possible. It would be helpful if, in their reviews, Parties included an assessment of their actions and effectiveness, identified which objectives of the Strategic Vision and assigned Action Points need to continue, and suggested, where appropriate, new Objectives and Action Points to take into account paragraph h) of the terms of reference, among others.

Non-governmental organizations are also invited to provide their own reviews of the achievement of the objectives of the Strategic Vision.

Parties and NGOs are invited to submit their reviews of the Strategic Vision through their regional representative on the Working Group. Comments can be sent electronically to Deputy Secretary-General Dr Jim Armstrong at [email protected].

See also Notification to the Parties No. 2006/018.