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Title Venue & Date Details
Seventy-seventh meeting of the Standing Committee Geneva, Switzerland
06 - 10 November 2023
Thirty-second meeting of the Animals Committee Geneva, Switzerland
19 - 23 June 2023
Twenty-sixth meeting of the Plants Committee Geneva, Switzerland
05 - 09 June 2023
CITES Big Cats Task Force meeting. Entebbe, Uganda
24 - 29 April 2023

The Task Force meeting is convened in accordance with Decision 19.92 on the CITES Big Cats Task Force, adopted at the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP19, Panama, 2022).

CITES Secretariat's Youth Webinar Microsoft Teams,
08 February 2023

CITES Youth Network - Webinar

February 8th 2023 | 15:00 Central European Time | Microsoft Teams

It is one of the Secretariat's goals to further youth* involvement in CITES. It is important that young people are represented within the Convention and it is particularly important that there is a mechanism in place by which the next generation has the opportunity to be informed and engaged in the work of CITES, so that they are equipped to take the Convention forward should they want to. The Convention being one of the world’s biggest conservation tool, it is a great place to see how multifaceted and complex conservation can be. 

More about CITES at, and at our Webinar. 

CITES Webinar on Youth


Webinar details and registration here:


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Definition of Youth* :

The CITES network will be using the youth definition given by the United Nations, with our target audience thus being “persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, without prejudice to other definitions by Member States.” If ever in doubt you can check what your country’s definition is, as it seems to vary.

Seventy-sixth meeting of the Standing Committee Panama City, Panama
25 November 2022

Agenda and documents
- Summary record

Implementation of e-permits: lessons learned and advancing towards an integrated digital solution for eCITES Canal 3, Panama City, Panama
21 November 2022


The electronic CITES (eCITES) permitting systems can be understood in many ways depending on the type of solutions applied or planned in a particular context. The permitting systems could come in various forms ranging between only application and issuance of permits to a more advanced solution encompassing exchange of permit information between national authorities and CITES Parties. Various approaches for the implementation of these systems have been undertaken from which other Parties that are planning to implement eCITES, may learn important lessons.

At the same time, the technological development brings about new concepts that are evolving on a continuous basis globally. These new developments call for greater discussion and scrutiny for a more secure and efficient permitting systems. These emerging technologies could be utilized to develop legal, sustainable and traceable trade in CITES-listed species.

In this context, this side event aims to discuss the challenges of current practices for implementing the eCITES permitting systems as well as potential new technological advancements that can be useful in the ever-changing world of digitalization.

Access the meeting agenda here

ICCWC Vision 2030 - CoP19 Side Event PCC - América 3, Panama City, Panama
18 November 2022

With opening remarks from CITES Secretary-General and contributions from EU, UK, ICCWC partners executive heads and beneficiaries of ICCWC support.

Moderator: Barend Janse Van Rensburg – Chief, Enforcement Unit, CITES Secretariat 

12.15 - 14.00

  • Welcome and opening remarks: Ivonne Higuero, Secretary General, CITES; Jorge Rodriguez Romero, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Environment; and Jamie Rendell, Head of UK Delegation 
  • ICCWC – Together against wildlife crime 
  • Over a decade of coordinated global support to the law-enforcement community
  • Success stories from beneficiaries of ICCWC support 
  • The ICCWC Vision 2030 and its Strategic Action Plan 2023-2026
  • Q&A
ICCWC Tools & Services - CoP19 Side Event PCC - América 1 , Panama City, Panama
17 November 2022

With opening remarks from CITES Secretary-General. Moderated by WCO with contributions from CITES, UNODC and World Bank. 

Moderator: Igor Jacupik - Programme Officer, Environment Programme, WCO 

12.15 - 14.00

  • Welcome and opening remarks, Ivonne Higuero - Secretary General, CITES Secretariat 
  • Use of data in the fight against wildlife crime: The CITES Illegal Trade Database and its dissemination platform
  • Enhancing ICCWC Tools: ICCWC Website, Second editions of the ICCWC Wildlife and Forest Crime Analytic Toolkit and Indicator Framework
  • Strengthening capacity to mobilize financial investigations into wildlife crime 
  • Addressing corruption: Tools developed and support available 
  • Q&A
ICCWC Operational Support PCC - Caribe 7, Panama City, Panama
15 November 2022

Commencing with lunch.

Moderated by CITES Secretariat with contributions from INTERPOL, UNODC and WCO

Moderator: Barend Janse Van Rensburg – Chief, Enforcement Unit, CITES 

12.15 - 14.00

  • Welcome and opening remarks, Jorge Rios - Head, Environment, Border Management Branch, UNODC 
  • Global operations to combat wildlife crime: THUNDER series of operations 
  • Enhanced law enforcement cooperation through targeted support
  • Addressing wildlife crime linked to the internet 
  • Q&A