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73rd meeting of the Standing Committee (online),
05 - 07 May 2021

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World Wildlife Day Virtual Event - Live streaming 14:00 – 17:30 CET (virtual meeting),
03 March 2021


CITES Standing Committee online discussion 13:00 – 15:00 CET (virtual meeting),
12 January 2021





Link to video of live streaming event.


Aide mémoire

Joint WCO-CITES online workshop on modern customs procedures for improved control of trade in CITES-listed species 07 - 09 December 2020

Workshop Report

Online Workshop on Electronic Permitting for CITES Parties in West Asia in collaboration with UNEP 25 November 2020

Workshop Report

FBSC online meeting 15 October 2020
  • Report 
  • The financial report on the CITES Core Trust Fund for 2020 as at 30 September, which was reviewed by the FBSC, can be found here.



Online Meeting on National Legislation for the effective implementation of the Convention for selected CITES Parties in West Asia Online,
21 July 2020


  1. Opening remarks by CITES and UNEP ROWA
  2. Practical announcements
  3. Introduction of participants
  4. Brief presentation by the CITES Secretariat on the National Legislation Project
  5. Updated information from participants on legislative progress in adopting adequate national legislation for the implementation of the Convention (including any specific comments, concerns, and challenges faced by Parties)
  6. Presentation by UNEP/ROWA on the results of the questionnaire
  7. Presentation by the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait on experiences with the CITES legislative process
  8. Introduction by the CITES Secretariat of available tools, including InforMEA
  9. Discussion - Q&A
  10. Next steps


Standing Committee - Question and Answer Session 01 July 2020
  • The Secretariat had proposed three scenarios: postponement, online meeting with sessions of limited duration, or a hybrid in-person/online meeting, based on a similar analysis prepared for the meetings of the Animals and Plants Committees. 
  • The aide memoire of this Q&A session can be found here.
Informal Online Meeting for Parties in the Caribbean on National Legislation and Needs for Assistance 18 June 2020


  1. Introduction (Bahamas, CITES Secretariat and each participant)
  2. Information from the CITES Secretariat concerning the planned meetings of the permanent Committees
  3. Status with regard to National legislation, annual reports etc.
  4. Needs for technical assistance and capacity-building (including eCITES etc.) and how to best address these (see annex below)
  5. Other questions
72nd meeting of the Standing Committee Geneva, Switzerland
28 August 2019

Agenda and documents
- Summary record