Summary for Day 6: Thursday, 26 July 2018 - Twenty-fourth meeting of the Plants Committee

Updated on 27 July 2018

Thursday 26 July was the last day of the 24th meeting of the CITES Plants Committee Meeting, which saw a record number of participants in Geneva.

In the morning session, participants gathered in plenary to review the reports from the eleven working groups, that convened on Wednesday, as well as the regional reports.

In the afternoon, regional reports presentations were concluded and the agenda item on any other businesses was addressed.

Committee Members and Parties thanked the representative of Central & South America & Caribbean, Vera Teresinha Rauber Coradin and the representative of Oceania, Gregory Leach, for all their passion and hard work as this year will mark their last Plants Committee Meeting as representatives of their respective regions. The one of this week will also be the last Plants Committee Meeting for Noel McGough, the Nomenclature Specialist. Adrianne Sinclair, Chair of the 24th Plants Committee Meeting, ended the day with closing remarks and announced the venue and date of the 25th Plants Committee Meeting which will be held in Geneva January 6 to 16, 2020.