Summary for Day 3: Monday, 23 July 2018 - Twenty-fourth meeting of the Plants Committee

Updated on 24 July 2018

On 23 July, the morning session of the 24th meeting of the Plants Committee addressed the following agenda items: Plants Committee work plan for 2017-2019 (CoP17-CoP18), Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species, Timber identification, definition of the term ‘artificially propagated’, malagasy ebonies (Diospyros spp.) and palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.) and rosewood timber species [Leguminosae (Fabaceae)]. 

The afternoon session considered other agenda items including African tree species: Report of the Secretariat, neotropical tree species: Report of the intersessional working group, possible amendments to Resolution Conf. 10.13 (Rev. CoP15) on Implementation of the Convention for timber species, report of the specialist on botanical nomenclature and Annotations for Appendix II orchids. 

Working groups were established with specific mandates and memberships. Working groups will meet the entire day on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to complete their tasks proposed in the mandate.