Summary for Day 2: Tuesday, 17 July 2018 - Thirtieth meeting of the Animals Committee

Updated on 18 July 2018

The 30th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee Meeting met in parallel working groups throughout the day on Tuesday 17 July. Members of the Committee and other participants were divided in respective working groups to take up their assigned mandates and to provide recommendations that will be reported back to plenary on Thursday.

The working group on captive-bred and ranched specimens, chaired by Animals Committee Chair Mathias Lötscher, was tasked to provide recommendations on the first step of the process for reviewing species countries combination that were selected. The working group on eels (Anguilla spp.) reviewed a series of reports on eels as well as the significant trade in Anguilla anguilla from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

In the afternoon session, the great apes working group, chaired by Carolina Caceres, worked on further recommendations to the author of the Great apes Status Report draft which will be submitted to the Standing Committee in October.

The working groups on nomenclature and corals started their work in the morning. The former provided recommendations to be considered by the Animals Committee and the latter drafted decisions for consideration by the Standing Committee at its next meeting in October 2018.

Various side events were held during the lunch break and after the afternoon session of working groups.