CITES welcomes new Secretary General of INTERPOL and adoption of General Assembly resolution on Environmental Security

Updated on 26 November 2022

At the 83rd session of the ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly meeting in Monaco from 3 to 7 November 2014, Mr.Jürgen Stock was elected as the new INTERPOL Secretary General. The 55-year-old Vice-President of the German Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) took over from Mr. Ronald K. Noble of the United States of America, who stepped down after 14 years of service as INTERPOL Secretary General.

The CITES Secretariat joins the international community in warmly congratulating Mr Jürgen Stock on his appointment. The Secretary-General of CITES, Mr. John E. Scanlon said: “The CITES Secretariat enjoys a longstanding and highly productive working relationship with INTERPOL and we look forward to further enhancing this relationship under Secretary General Stock’s leadership. INTERPOL was a founding partner to the International Consortium on Combatting Wildlife Crime (ICCWC), and we look forward to this partnership continuing to grow as we address wildlife crime in a collective and coordinated manner.”

A further significant development at the 83rd session of the ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly, was the adoption of resolution AG-2014-RES-03 on the INTERPOL response to emerging threats in Environmental Security.  

The resolution urges member countries of INTERPOL to raise awareness of environmental crimes and violations, their causes and their impact among law enforcement authorities, to develop concepts and tools such as the INTERPOL National Environmental Security Task Force (NEST) in response to current and emerging threats, to engage in the activities of the INTERPOL Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee, and to ensure that relevant police information gathered in the framework of investigations and operations is included in the INTERPOL global police databases. The resolution further urges countries to fully utilize INTERPOL’s operational tools and services in their efforts targeting environmental crime.

The resolution tasks the INTERPOL General Secretariat to establish regional environmental security task forces to consider the complexity and diversity of environmental crime and to promote the establishment of a forum for the intergovernmental community to consider its responses to environmental security threats.

Commenting on the resolution, the CITES Secretary-General, Mr. John E. Scanlon said:  “CITES welcomes the resolution adopted by the INTERPOL General Assembly on emerging threats in environmental security, which renews INTERPOL’s strong commitment to strengthening the fight against wildlife crime at national, regional and international level”.

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See also the full copy of INTERPOL’s Resolution on INTERPOL response to emerging threats in Environmental Security.

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