Review of Significant Trade (RST)

The CITES Review of Significant Trade procedure (defined in Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP17)) was designed to identify species that may be subject to unsustainable levels of international trade, and to identify problems and solutions concerning effective implementation of the Convention.

A new comprehensive Review of Significant Trade Tracking and Management Database is currently being developed. In the meantime, a temporary system , is available alongside the system that was previously developed by UNEP-WCMC. 
Please note that this interim system is currently only valid for Committee meetings up to and including the 66th meeting of the Standing Committee (January 2016) and may be subject to changes due to any corrections/updates that might be necessary.


  • Notification to Parties No. 2016/018 (15 March 2016) Implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP13) (Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species) – Recommendations of the Standing Committee
  • Notification to Parties No. 2006/061 (21 November 2006) Review of Significant Trade - Trade in Falco cherrug

AC29 Doc.13.1 Overview of the Review of Significant Trade

AC29 Doc.13.2 Species selected following CoP16

AC29 Doc. 13.2 A1 Annex 1: Report on species/country combinations selected for review by the Animals Committee following CoP16

AC29 Doc. 13.2 A2 Annex 2: Species/country combinations selected for review by the Animals Committee following CoP16: Range State responses (English only)

AC29 Doc.13.3 Species selected following CoP17

AC29 Doc13.3 A1 (Rev. 1) Annex 1: - Summary of the recorded level of direct exports for Appendix-II species from 2011 to 2015

AC29 Doc13.3 A2 (Rev. 1) Annex 2: Selection of species for inclusion in the Review of Significant Trade following CoP17

AC29 Doc. 13.4: Country-wide significant trade reviews

AC29 Inf. 19: Establishment and testing of a Reivew of Significant Trade tracking and management database